Academy & School

WALLSTREET Stockholm is a journey where the travel to the goal is at least as important as the goal itself. The festival is for all residents and visitors in the Stockholm region. The festival has a special focus on children and young people.

Educational material

It is of the utmost importance that children and young people are involved in shaping our society. WALLSTREET Stockholm is a very strong platform for that. We have therefore, in collaboration with Kulturskolan Stockholm and several other actors, produced a pedagogical material that enables various school and leisure activities to create public art during the academic year 21-22. The works that are created will be presented here on the website and during the festival 2022.

Read more under “Tickets”. There are Free School Tickets. Scroll down to the Ticket page and you will find more info,

Research conference

An international research conference will be held in Stockholm on 15-17 June 2022. The theme of the conference is the cultural dimension of sustainability based on four key words: culture, art, human rights and courage.

The conference is hosted by a consortium of six universities based in Stockholm: Enskilda University Stockholm, Ersta Skondal Bracke University, the Swedish National Defense College, the Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm University of the Arts and Sodertorn University.


Independent researchers review the project on an ongoing basis. The focus of the research is issues relating to participation, dialogue, artistic quality, decision-making processes and negotiations between different parties. Other important focus is the connections between art investment and economics as well as the role of art in society from an economic perspective.