Art creates conversation and a better sense of belonging for us residents and the area we live and work in. As a partner, you are part of the improvement! Together we create a Happy New Year!

Join the journey!

In the summer of 2022, Greater Stockholm will change its face. 222 new public works of art around the Stockholm region! The works are produced in collaboration with us who live and work here. We welcome neighbors, associations and companies who want to get involved in WALLSTREET Stockholm – The City of Art – 2022. For a more vibrant and creative urban environment.

The WALLSTREET Stockholm festival is a movement and an outdoor art exhibition in our common urban space in June 2022. Through the creation of 222 works of art with a variety of expressions, the festival contributes to the Stockholm region’s attractiveness and recovery after the pandemic. WALLSTREET Stockholm leads the way for the meaning and place of art and culture in a changing urban environment.

WALLSTREET Stockholm brings people together – residents, municipalities and companies – to contribute to new artistic stories where they live and work. The purpose is that neighbors and artists together create places of significance that deeply touch and mean something to them.

For WALLSTREET, the spirit of the place is important. The local anchoring and contact with those who live and work on the site is central to sustainable development. WALLSTREET is about neighborhoods together with professional artists and creators in the small give new life to their own places, to largely contribute to a better world. This applies to the spirit of the place as well as the place’s physical environment and design.

Participation and art bring people together, create elation and give a sense of context. When we can deeply see ourselves in a place, we feel at home and care about it. We care for and are careful about the local environment we ourselves have been involved in creating. What we touch, often touches us.

The years 2020 and 2021 have already been written into history as a time of difficult trials. Above all, the city has been challenged – in its everyday life, but also as a phenomenon and idea.

As it was activities within and close to art and culture that were particularly exposed, it became clear how important art and culture are to the city’s soul, its interplay and attractiveness. Therefore, it is important that art and culture are the battering ram that starts up the city again.

The WALLSTREET Stockholm festival is organized by the independent politically neutral non-profit organization “Storstockholm Konst & Arkitektur” (Stockholmregion Art & Architecture) which is based in Stockholm. The purpose of the association is to conduct activities that strengthen and support a positive urban and community development of public places outdoors in the Stockholm region. The focus is about participation, co-creation, art, culture and architecture as resources for increased pace of innovation and sustainability.

The association’s members consist of an association of municipalities in the Stockholm region as well as some interest organizations.

WALLSTREET is a global concept for art exhibitions in our common urban spaces. WALLSTREET is created to be applied in different places around the world.

WALLSTREET Stockholm will take place in the Stockholm region in the summer of 2022. The inauguration will take place on Wednesday 1 June at Sergels torg in central Stockholm.

  • A non-profit organisation is the platform and holds all partners together through an overall project organization, common communication platform and strategy
  • Partners from different parts of society. The majority are regional partners (property owners, municipalities) who finance art on / at their own properties
  • Everyone buys in with a ticket – “Ticket”
  • In addition to “Ticket”, everyone pays for their own works of art
  • Support in the process and contact between artist and partner via art consultants is offered
  • In close collaboration with academia, school and interest organizations
  • FIXED COST for “Ticket” – from EURO 10 000 for private business (you get a lot for your money) and up to EURO 50 000 for municipalities
  • VARIABLE COST for the production of works of art – temporary or permanent, large or small. You can participate with art projects that are already planned and can be manifested during June 2022. We are happy to discuss with the person responsible for public art and / or urban development at your company and make a tailor made suggestion.
  • WALLSTREET Stockholm is a journey, where the travel is as important as the goal. We learn from each other along the way. You decide the level of commitment yourself. We offer the context!
  • You need an internal project manager and a contact on communication for coordination. A few hours now, some more during the festival.
  • Municipalities in the Stockholm region – Nacka, Stockholm, Upplands-Bro
  • Private companies in the Stockholm region – mostly property owners and property developers
  • Interest organizations, such as Fastighetsägarna and Visit Stockholm
  • Academy and school, eg Kulturskolan Stockholm and Södertörn University
  1. WALLSTREET Stockholm (WSS) and current partner/financier (PART) together look at which places PART owns that would be suitable for art. A wall, a backyard, a park…? Maybe PART is about to build something new and want to take the opportunity to beautify, amaze, strengthen the soul of the place with an artistic element?
  2. The type of place affects the type of art that may come into play.
  3. PART decides which PART wants to be involved in the process. WSS strongly recommends including employees and residents as far as possible. WSS helps with a good model for this.
  4. In dialogue, we find out what kind of artist PART would like to collaborate with. WSS and PART look at different examples and get an idea of ​​what is important and interesting for PART. WSS produces three proposals of different artists. PART considers and chooses one of them. Of course, the artist must also want to take on the task himself/herself. It sometimes happens that the artist says no.
  5. WSS acts as an intermediary and signs agreements both with PART and with the artist. WSS takes care of the necessary permits (TA plans, building permits, etc.) and takes care of everything else that the artist needs to be able to do a good job.
  6. The artist receives input about the spirit of the place and other things of importance – interprets it freely and produces a sketch for PART to have a look at. Most sketches are usually approved immediately. If necessary, an additional sketch can be made. Two sketches are max. It is therefore important to spend time and care on the choice of artist in the first place.
  7. WSS takes care of the production and supports the artist. PART is encouraged to go and visit the artist on site, book a lecture for the employees at the company, take part in the festival activities, experience the finished art and share your experiences with others.
  8. PART follows the communication plan and maintenance plan that comes with the art.

Our partners

More partners are to be announced