Stockholm CALLING

Fredrika Friberg, festival admiral

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Are you a professional artist and have ready made public art in your studio or in storage? Or do you have big new ideas for *miniature art? WALLSTREET Stockholm is now opening an Open Call in Sweden and Europe – STOCKHOLM CALLING. This Open Call includes:

  • Already existing public art of all sizes
  • New ideas for *miniature public art

We are looking for temporary and permanent works in all kinds and artistic expressions. All works must cope with the outdoor environment as WALLSTREET is an outdoor festival. We will show a total of up to 222 pieces of public art during the art festival WALLSTREET Stockholm 2022 – sculptures, temporary architecture, *miniature art, murals, etc. – of which about up to 100 are expected to be added via this Open Call. Some of the works are intended for a larger sculpture park somewhere in the Stockholm region. Some of the works may become permanent after the festival.

* By miniature public art we mean works of art in the order of about 10 x 10 x 10 cm, for example “Fountain” by Magnus Thierfielders or “Mushotellet” by Anonymous or “Politicians discussing global warming” by Isaac Cordal.


The climate crisis affects our entire society, which affects not only our lives but also how our future is shaped and changed. For WALLSTREET Stockholm 2022, we therefore now first and foremost want to scan Sweden and Europe for already existing art. In the same spirit, we are also looking for new great ideas for miniature art.

Instead of trying to squeeze WALLSTREET Stockholm into the traditional art festival form, we are interested in following urban art into a new era – after the pandemic and in the midst of a global climate crisis. The proposals must have a high artistic quality and preferably challenge the expressions that art in our common public spaces can take – and not least how they come about.


  1. Artists submit an expression of interest by filling in the form further down the page.
  2. The festival’s art council assesses received existing artworks and new proposals for miniatures
  3. Together with the festival’s current art consultants, the council selects up to 100 works and matches them with the partners who co-finance the festival and the places that are relevant for art within the framework of the festival.
  4. The works of art that are matched with partner and place are intended to be shown temporarily during the festival. Exhibition compensation is paid to the artist.
  5. Some of the temporary artworks may become permanent after the festival. Additional compensation is then paid to the artists whose work is made permanent (not all, only a few).

Received proposals are of course handled with confidentiality and as intellectual property of the artist.


  • WALLSTREET Stockholm and partners pay exhibition compensation to the artist and shipping costs for existing public art accepted to the festival at a total of between EURO 3000 – 5000 per work of art depending on materials, renovation needs etc.
  • WALLSTREET Stockholm and partners pay exhibition compensation, production costs, shipping costs and for new production of miniature art accepted to the festival. In total between EURO 1000-5000 per miniature.
  • Detailed budget is decided in dialogue with the artist


Professional artists can submit an expression of interest. Artists can participate individually or in groups of several. The last day to apply is 31 of January 2022. In order for the registration of interest to be valid, WALLSTREET Stockholm’s web form must be filled in and a pdf uploaded according to the info below (requirements).

  1. Fill in the form at the bottom of the page.
  2. Upload 1 (one) pdf in A4 format of a total of a maximum of 5 pages and 20 MB which includes:
    a) picture and description of your existing work and thoughts on how you see it best placed (requirements)
    b) description of 1 reference project (requirement),
    c) CV of a maximum of 1 page (requirements)
    d) idea for new miniature art with a maximum of 2 pictures / sketch / text (optional)


  • High artistic quality
  • Relevance in relation to current societal issues and the opportunities and challenges they bring
  • Innovative approach to contemporary and temporary art projects
  • How well the artwork relates to the chosen platform, the surrounding place or the problems it is about
  • Potential to engage both a wider and professional audience
  • Practical and economical feasibility


  • Chairman: Fredrika Friberg, Festival Admiral WALLSTREET Stockholm, Chief Creator Nacka Municipality
  • Member: Stefan Hagdahl, Head of Stockholm Art, City of Stockholm
  • Member: Magnus Carlberg, head of the culture department, Upplands-Bro municipality
  • Member: Monica von Schmalensee, architect & senior consultant
  • Member: Senja Selander, artist & art consultant


  1. 31 jan 2022: Deadline for applications
  2. 15 feb 2022: The art council decides on the works of art and proposals that may be relevant for the festival
  3. February 2022: Work with matching art with space (placement) and partners
  4. March 2022: Final decision of which artworks will be included in the festival
  5. April-May 2022: Planning, adjustments and transports
  6. June 2022: Placement of artworks and festival months

The WALLSTREET Stockholm festival is a movement and an outdoor art exhibition in our common urban space in June 2022. Through the creation of 222 works of art with a variety of expressions, the festival contributes to the Stockholm region’s attractiveness and recovery after the pandemic. WALLSTREET Stockholm leads the way for the meaning and place of art and culture in a changing urban environment.

The years 2020 and 2021 have already been written into history as a time of difficult trials. Above all, the city has been challenged – in its everyday life, but also as a phenomenon and idea.

As it was activities within and close to art and culture that were particularly exposed, it became clear how important art and culture are to the city’s soul, its interplay and attractiveness. Therefore, it is important that art and culture are the battering ram that starts up the city again.

WALLSTREET Stockholm will take place in the Stockholm region in the summer of 2022. The inauguration will take place on Wednesday 1 June at Sergels torg in central Stockholm.

The WALLSTREET Stockholm festival is organized by the independent politically neutral non-profit organization “Storstockholm Konst & Arkitektur” (Stockholmregion Art & Architecture) which is based in Stockholm. The purpose of the association is to conduct activities that strengthen and support a positive urban and community development of public places outdoors in the Stockholm region. The focus is about participation, co-creation, art, culture and architecture as resources for increased pace of innovation and sustainability.

The association’s members consist of an association of municipalities in the Stockholm region as well as some interest organizations.

WALLSTREET is a global concept for art exhibitions in our common urban spaces. WALLSTREET is created to be applied in different places around the world.

WALLSTREET Stockholm 2022 is about outdoor public art – artistic stories in our “common living rooms”. The festival focuses on visual arts: sculpture, temporary architecture, light installations, murals – in all sorts of different sizes. Miniatures as well as big works of art. WALLSTREET Stockholm has a clear environmental thinking and prioritises art materials and processes that have little or no impact on nature.

This Open Call is only for professional artists. High artistic quality is a priority in the festival.

We have chosen not to have a specific theme. However, we encourage participating artists to take into account the spirit of the place as input in the work. The world at large right now has several highly topical inevitable themes we all have to deal with, such as the climate crisis, the pandemic and Agenda 2030. We believe that this is more than enough as a starting point for artists with the freedom to interpret, shape and contribute.

Yes, and it is briefly about the importance of artistic quality and artistic freedom. The main target group for the art is residents and visitors in the Stockholm region. The art can be both temporary and permanent. All production of art must, as a starting point, be preceded by a sketching process.

Art can interact with what has already been built, with what is to be built, or with what is to be demolished and disappear. Art can be a response to a deficiency, or an input or response to a development. The art can be new production or art that is renewed by being placed in a new context or renovated.

Art can be a source of deep, subjective insights that create a commitment – participation in society and democracy. Art can add something new, engage, challenge and deeply touch our souls. Art can create curiosity, rapture, arouse new thoughts and feelings.