More art & architecture as a driving force in urban development! Unique top-tier meeting for bosses, leaders and decision-makers.

Welcome to a journey of discovery with opportunities you did not know existed!


A warm welcome to WALLSTREET SUMMIT – for those of you who want to explore and pursue more art and architecture in urban and societal development, as well as kick-start the art festival WALLSTREET Stockholm with the ambition of becoming Europes most interesting festival for modern and public art.

WALLSTREET SUMMIT gives you an up-to-date source of international and national inspiration, good examples and knowledge as well as participating in creative, resilient and thought-giving roundtable discussions. Together we can create an afternoon to be remembered and contribute to even more art and architecture in urban development the upcoming year! Hang along on a journey of discovery with opportunities you did not know existed!


The purpose is to strengthen the knowledge of art and architecture in public spaces and the significance of a well designed environment whilst harmoniously working alongside urban development and our citizens. We want to help raise our gaze and broaden our perspectives on what is possible now and attainable in the future. We also want to contribute to more workshops in ongoing practice.


WALLSTREET SUMMIT invites all decision-makers, bosses or leaders within collaborating municipalities, real-estate owners as well as art and cultural curators to a unique top-tier meeting with colleagues and partners. The program has a limited amount of available tickets. Collaborating partners to WALLSTREET Stockholm will be prioritised.


  • Skillfully designed environments within urban development – why, where and how?
  • Interesting international and national examples and records to raise our gaze and broaden our horizons
  • More art in public spaces – why, what and how?
  • With an active ear towards the ground – voices from citizens and visitors.
  • How does one go from chatting to workshopping?
  • Creative roundtable discussions with thought-evoking questions.
  • Conclusion and collected ideas and thoughts.
  • Food and mingling – a continuation of discussions.


  • Wednesday 1st of June
  • 12:00-19:00. We begin with a light lunch and conclude with dinner and mingling.


Fabriken, Textilgatan 31, Hammarby sjöstad


Vegetarian and ecological.


Ta med ditt bästa minne av en konstupplevelse i staden och ditt bästa minne av en riktigt god gestaltad livsmiljö.

Bring your best memory of an artistic experience from the city, and your best memory of an efficiently designed environment.


Individual price for partners, 2 000 SEK per participant.


  • Lena Dahlstedt / senior konsult and advisor, fd culture- and education director as well as city director in Nacka Municipality
  • Monica von Schmalensee / Architect, senior consult and advisor, fd Vice-Director White Arkitekter


Apply in the link below as soon as possible to secure your spot. Last day of application is the first of May.


Program manager Lena Dahlstedt by email lena@wallstreetstockholm.se or phone 073 – 4310950



Apply here

Har ditt företag köpt en GOLD TIcket och medverkar som aktiv partner i WALLSTREET Stockholm?
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